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Machine Specifications

Machinery Makeup

Production Speed

Agency Approvals

Belt Speed

Machine Specifications

Sealer Type

Tape Size

Tape Cartridge

Electrical Requirements

Air Requirements

Up to 20 cartons per minute

65 feet per minute

Industrial strength 12 gauge steel, powder coated for durability. Optional Stainless Steel

51.2 x 38.2" x 69.3” (LxWxH) | 825 lbs

Uniform side belt, top and bottom case sealer

2” wide pressure sensitive tape, up to 15” diameter rolls, optional 3” wide tape

Proven design requires no lubrication, designed for simple tape threading, removable for maintenance


110 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase

CE Certification

Box Specifications

∞ x 19.7" x 19.7" (LxWxH)

Maximum Box Size


• Utilizes EdgeTec’s Tape Station tape head

• Industrial strength front and rear packing rollers

• Plug-in and go operation

• Powder coated 12 gauge steel

   (Optional Stainless Steel)

• Top and bottom tape cartridges

• Industrial strength side belts

• Adjustable leg extensions

• Fast and easy box size changes

• Low maintenance

• Accommodates wide range of case sizes

• Casters for transportation within plant

Optional Accessories

Front Packing Table

3" Tape Head

Accepts 3" wide tape rolls

Roller table bolts before taping system to allow for case movement

Rear Packing Table

Roller table bolts after taping system to allow for case movement

Machine Material

Switch to an all stainless steel machine to provide a tape station that will last even longer